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Typewriter Series #755 by Tyler Knott Gregson

Text for Tired Eyes:

I want this. I want that. I want photos of us. I want to be proud of us out loud. I want to kiss you. I want to smile and laugh. I want to make you giggle and I want to make you sigh and I want to take your breath away and I want to dance with you at people’s weddings and I want to pick you up and carry you when your feet are tired and I want to wait until you are Almost asleep and then kiss your nose and make you laugh so hard with some secret joke that your belly hurts and you smack me for waking you all the way up so we have to get out of bed and sit and watch the city lights while eating a bowl of cereal at 1:38 am. I want to smell you fresh from a shower and paint your toenails and take you to baseball games and teach you hidden things that are going on that most people don’t know. I want us. I want the smell of pancakes when it’s me that cooks them and the sun hasn’t yet woken.  I want the smell of dinner when it’s us that burned it because we fell to the floor and made love instead.  I want the handprints on car windows, steamed up from the inside.  I want long baths followed by short showers and the scent of your shampoo staining my hands for the entire day to follow.  I want ears that hear the words I spill instead of eyes that read them.  I want notebooks black with ink from all the details I noticed from all the times I sat and marveled at the way you spin through an hour.








so calming, you can almost feel the rain

i can hear it 

y’all crazy ^

shhh just listen

u can’t hear it, it’s a photo dude

It is possible to “hear” a gif. It’s called Hearing-Movements Synesthesia. Like, take a butterfly as an example, we obviously know that we can’t hear a butterfly’s wings flapping. But some people do.

^ did you copy and paste that from google?? i can hear the rain too all you have to do is believe :-)

this makes me feel cold. but then again i’m in melbourne.


i ship me and money

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Men Kissing (dated approx. 1940)

You don’t have to look a certain way to look good. ^^ I wish I could have included more girls, but I hope I got the point across!

The other day I was talking to a teacher and explained that my phone wasn’t working because it had gotten wet while I was on a run with my dog in the rain. She told me that young ladies such as I should not be running alone. I disagreed, the truth of the matter is that young ladies such as I (or anyone for that matter) shouldn’t be attacked. This is why I need feminism.